Thomas International


What is 360 ?

Thomas 360 is a best practice 360-degree feedback tool. It provides a structured approach which enables you to take feedback from key colleagues, reports and managers and identify performance gaps.

It creates an environment for constructive feedback, enabling your people to understand their personal impact, identify development areas and improve their effectiveness.

The 360-degree feedback process adopts three key actions:

  • 1. Identifying the relevant ‘respondents’ who provide feedback on the person being reviewed
  • 2. Selecting the right questionnaire - Leadership or Sales - that best reflects the competencies of the role
  • 3. Feeding back the review in a structured way
  • Thomas 360 collates all of the feedback and provides a report detailing:

  • Average scores for competencies
  • A graph of the top 5 and bottom 5 statement averages
  • Summary level of importance of each competency for the job role
  • Areas for development that would make you more effective in your role
  • Key strengths and how they are observed in the workplace
  • Personal development plan