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What is PPA?

PPA is a behavioural profile that provides an accurate insight into how people behave at work. Thomas PPA takes 8 minutes to complete after which you are provided with an initial profile detailing:
  • How a person prefers to behave at work and the characteristics they will demonstrate.
  • Any frustrations the person has in their current job.
  • How or whether a person is modifying their behaviour in their current role.
  • Their behaviour under pressure.
  • Their strengths, limitations and value to the organisation.


Personal Profile Analysis is registered with the British Psychological Society (BPS) and audited against technical criteria established by the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations, confirming it meets the psychometric requirements for use as a psychological tool.

PPA Additional Reports

Once a PPA has been completed there are a wide range of reports available which will enable you to appreciate and understand the way your people work.

PPA Profile

A comprehensive assessment of an individual including working strengths, fears, motivators and the value that person brings to an employer. It also includes how they are likely to perform under pressure, how they modify their behavior in their current job and any frustrations or problems they may be facing.

Job Profiling

This report identifies the behavioral requirements of a job. Our online interactive Job Create tools allow you to do this quickly and easily.

Job / Candidate Comparison

This report identifies the behavioral requirements of a job. There are easy ways to do this:Completing a Job profile via the Job profile wizard, the Job profile questionnaire, or alternatively via the quick pick templates to create the perfect job role. The candidates are then compared to these job profiles to achieve a behavioural goodness of fit quotient (best fit).

New Leadership Skills

The new Leadership Skills report introduced by Thomas depicts individual’s leadership styles, their likely leadership strengths and possible limitations, as well as their - Communication, Presentation, Decision Making, Time Management, Goal focus, Quality Assurance, Administration, Planning and Problem Solving styles to name a few, proving to be a fantastic enhancement to the existing PPA armoury.

Executive Summary

A similar assessment to the PPA profile but formatted in a bullet point summary.

Management/Sales Interview Questionnaires

Provides a series of structured behavioral type questions to be used at an interview. The questionnaires get behind the candidates mask at interview. It can help you to question their ability to do the job.

Interviewer’s Guide

Free with any PPA profile report, it generates questions for use in an interview scenario, for both personal development and recruitment. It asks questions in relation to the whole profile, including points to review.

Personal Review

It reports on the personal style of the individual using key descriptive words. Gives advice on how to maximize that person's potential.

Candidate Feedback

Designed to simplify and aid feedback. Highlights descriptive words, general characteristics, motivators and value to the organization.

Strengths and Limitations

Gives a fast and effective overview of the behavioural strengths and limitations of an individual. This report is extremely useful in appraisal.

How to Manage

Guidance on how to manage a person, motivation to be used and the style of communication best received by them.

Training Needs Analysis

Identifies likely training needs and details competences and weaknesses.

Management Audit

Considers a person's strengths and limitations in relation to six key management competencies. These are managing and motivating; decision making; planning and problem solving; communication style; administrative ability and how they develop others.

Sales Audit

Details a person's likely ability to open and close a sale and service clients as well as reporting on their presentation style and administrative ability.

Career Guide

A useful outplacement tool to identify and stimulate conversation in the area of career guidance. It enables you to target three precise areas: junior/clerical, supervisory or executive/ professional.

Admin/Technical Audit

The profile is described in its application to a role in an administrative or technical capacity.

Call Center Audit

It identifies how a person responds to client needs, how they impart information, problem solving skills, their likely persistence and sensitivity as well as how they will promote products and services.

Search and Select

A free report enabling you to match people to jobs as well as jobs to people. A fantastic sifting tool that will highlight a person's goodness of fit to the role.

Search and Select

A free report enabling you to match people to jobs as well as jobs to people. A fantastic sifting tool that will highlight a person's goodness of fit to the role.